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'Z krosna do Krosna'
6th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial

There were 112 entries from 79 artists for 'Z krosna do Krosna' 6th International Artistic Linen Cloth Binnia, from: the Czech Republic, Finland, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the USA.

Although in the principles 'Z krosna do Krosna' 6th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial did not change its regulations, following already developed formula of textile with a predominance of linen fibre and the size between 25 and 60 cm - defined by Prof. Ewa Poradowska Werszler as small cloth, this year's biennial has a wider ideological dimension. Above all, it makes part of Good neighbourhood - cultural cooperation between Krosno and Presov - the project carried out by the Craft Museum and financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the Cross-border Cooperation Programme, the Republic of Poland - the Republic of Slovakia 2007 - 2013. The project includes a number of activities which aim at underlining the importance of culture and art as stimuli helping break the barriers in the development of the cross - border societies

Reviving and maintaining the common cultural and artistic tradition of handicraft, according to which - at both sides of a current border - weaving, embroidery and lance making was of a great importance, offers a great opportunity for organising scientific and exhibition events. The programme assumes an easy access to information about all the cultural events, which will certainly broaden the audience by the circles of local historians, museologists, ethnographers and artists.

This year's edition of the International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial aims especially at Slovakian artists. We do hope that our joint informational and promotional campaign conducted in the artistic circles of Poland and Slovakia will bear fruit also over the next editions of this event recognised in the artistic weaving circles. The following cultural events will be organised as part of the 6th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial: Debuts 2010 Competition - for the students of artistic schools from Poland and Slovakia, the opening day in Krosno, the opening day in Presov, publication of the 6th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial cataloque.

Our additional task, concerning both the International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial and the Craft Museum, will include organisation of the scientific conference dedicated to the weaving tradition of people living in the borderland between Poland and Slovakia, and publication of the post - conference proceedings in Polish and Slovakian.

We are convinced that the project aiming at the promotion of artistic events and traditional crafts at the borderland will additionally strengthen the appeal of Krosno and Presov, helping to attract connoisseurs of art and tourists longing for cultural and artistic sensations.

Textile makes an exciting form of artistic expression, yet a long and laborious process of creation causes that very few artsists decide to use traditional weaving techniques. A part of works which entered the competition are made employing the technique of collage or some authors' techniques using semifinished goods, still the majority of artistic works are based on a hand made interlace of linen fibre. This technical ability to create sophisticated artistic work with the usage of such a difficult material as linen is, gives Krosno biennial its steady position among the events involving a fibre art presentation. The opportunity to experiment with the colour and texture of material, seeking inspirations in nature, mythology, art and interactions with other people, give the authors of works entered Krosno competition a strong dose of happiness and satisfaction, and this can be felt.

We hope that the subsequent editions of the International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial - enlarged by the Debuts Competition will provide an opportunity to create new artistic personalities and encourage young creators to take up such a difficult, yet prestigious form of art.

The premiere post-competition exhibition will take place 27th August - 17th September 2010 Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions (BWA) in Krosno (Blich 2) .

Honorary patronage: Marshal of the Podkarpackie Provience Zygmunt Cholewiński and President of the Town of Krosno Piotr Przytocki. Media Patronage: TVP O/ Rzeszów.

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