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'Z krosna do Krosna'
7th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial
Just before the final

On 30th August 2012, a Jury will select the best works of the 'Z krosna do Krosna' 7th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial. The First Exhibition connected with the Awards ceremony will take place one day later in the Art Exhibition Centre in Krosno.

What is the nature of a this year's contest edition? Has traditional weaving been dominated by contemporary artistic tendencies? The First Exhibition of the 7th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial in Krosno contains not only an answer to these questions but first of all, it has an artistic message that can make its receiver more sensitive, having an effect on his all senses.

In the November 2010 the Craft Museum in Krosno organized a conference 'The weaving traditions of crossborder - Poland and Slovakia' which was a part of project realized in the Crossborder Cooperation Programme, the Republic of Poland – the Republic of Slovakia 2007-2013. Thanks to this program the 6th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial was organized and we could propagate biennial in Slovakia, as well as present our exhibition in Slovakian art galleries and also establish new contacts letting to compare Polish craft and industrial linen production with Slovakian one.

However, in materials published in the beginning of 2011 was a lack of information about contemporary artistic linen cloth in Slovakia. Despite those contacts as mentioned above and discussions (sometimes even having disputs) about the history of this artistic expression in Slovakia, I noticed that we could not encourage more Slovakian artists to take a part in this year’s edition of biennial. In the 7th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial participate 77 artists, citizens of: Czech Republic, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine. The most numerous group of artists are our natives - Polish artists. The Ukrainian artists with their 'ascetic' several years participation come in second, than artists from Lithuania, Japan, Turkey, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The straight majority of works sent to Krosno are weaving masterpieces, where the craft proficiency in weaving determines artist's statement. Works were made by 'the old' methods such as: gbelin tapestry, plain weave, jacquard, point lace and by those method named 'artist's own technique'. Artists presented spare textiles, texture, openwork fabric, relief as well as fiber and fabric compositions using methods such as: applique, embroidery, collage, gluing and lacing.

It is imposing how many polish artists participate 7th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial. The number of applications and the variety of works is reference to the 60's, when textile was popular. Weaving artistic work became the separated field of fine arts and the fiber was elevated to the artistic textile with so many options to be used. Since 1962 the valuable Experimental Weaving Studio annual exhibition have been organized in Warsaw. Polish textile gains worldwide acceptance thanks to : Magdalena Abakanowicz, Krystyna Wojtyna-Drouet, Ada Kierzkowska, Maria Teresa Chojnacka, Kaja Gidaszewska, Jolanta Owidzka, Jadwiga Zaniewicka - Polish artists. I feel honoured by the participation of some of those artists in our biennial and because of their works in our museum's collection. The next edition of our biennial shows that textile is an important field of fine arts for artists, even for those who work with it additionally. The works sent to Krosno present: the artist’s ability to expose the weave, dyeing, sewing up and painting a linen cloth, combination of linen and glass, mineral or wood as well as spare compositions made from fiber.

I hope that this year’s and upcoming editions of 'Z krosna do Krosna' International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial will provide us with new technological and workshop concepts and new and fresh artistic expressions.

Ewa Mańkowska
The Director
of the Craft Museum in Krosno

The premiere post-competition exhibition
'Z krosna do Krosna'
7th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial:

31st August - 28th September 2012
Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions in Krosno (BWA) (Kolejowa Street, 1)

Honorary hatronage:
Marshal of the Podkarpackie Province PhD Mirosław Karapyta
President of the Town of Krosno Piotr Przytocki

Media patronage:

The Project is supported by the District of Krosno

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