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Punkt Informacji Kulturalno-Turystycznej
Międzynarodowe Biennale Artystycznej Tkaniny Lnianej
Ogólnopolskie Biennale Fotografii
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Scientific research

  1. Collecting and compiling the recordings concerning history of craft of South East Poland, with particular emphasis placed on the city of Krosno and the immediate vicinity.
  2. Carrying out scientific research based on the archival records concerning
    local craftsmen. more
  3. Compiling the collection by means of the operating system MUSNET.
  4. Taking part in scientific conferences and symposiums. more
  5. Organisation of scientific conferences and symposiums. more
    • Parish Church - classic of artistic culture of the town
      Scientific Symposium, Krosno 7th - 8th November 1996 >>>

    • The Franciscan Church in Krosno - the past
      and cultural heritage

      Scientific Symposium, Krosno 6 th - 7th November 1996 >>>

    • Blessed, Saints and Witnesses in the Archdiocese of Przemyśl
      Scientific Symposium, Krosno 14th July 2000 >>>

    • Seven centuries of the Franciscan Fathers' presence in Krosno
      Scientific Symposium, Krosno 26th May 2007 >>>